At Shyldns International ltd, we specialize in providing Comprehensive medical and health care worldwide.

From individuals, groups and VIP services.
Our loyal and dedicated service is what we
consider to be the company's main vision.
By taking continuous and uncompromising
actions, our highly authorized group of
employees, conform that the clients are
provided with the suitable and most appropriate care.




Shyldns Int. is a company specializing in providing VIP and medical services to business people and tourists in Israel and around the world.
The team’s constant effort for promoting the company's status within this business field, alongside meticulous upholding of the highest service standards are the embodiment of the company’s vision.
Vast experience and direct access to medical and tourism providers in Israel and around the world allows us to accord our clients with maximum value and peace of mind.
The majority of our work is designed to serve tourists and business people who are, by nature, varied in their client demands. The entire service processes are therefore extremely particular right down to the last detail, hence benefiting to the personal safety and comfort of the client.
Our service orientation is especially prominent, starting with understanding the client’s needs and matching the suitable provider, and up to our flexibility handling varying client needs and demands.
At Shyldns Int. we provide for individual clients, groups and corporate businesses and we’ll be happy to interest you in our diverse range of services through our website, ensuring you we are always here for any questions or clarifications should you require any.